3 Foods You Didn't Know That Burn Fat Fast!


Edamame is an immature green soybean that has an ANDI score of 98.  It is a common snack food in many Far Eastern countries.  It is the bean with the highest ANDI score is in quite delicious.  It is low in calories but quite high in protein, and several vitamins and minerals.  It has isoflavones that have been linked to lowering belly fat.  One cup has the same amount of fiber as you would get from 4 slices of whole wheat bread.  That is a lot of fiber for some little beans.

Fiber takes a long time to digest so edamame keeps you feeling full and burns more calories to digest than many other foods.  It is often considered an appetizer and is a superior alternative to most of the friend, greasy appetizers that restaurants offer.  It also has as much iron as a four ounce roasted chicken breast.

Edamame packs a lot of punch, even though it is just a little bean.  It also has a lot of potassium, which is the key mineral in preventing dehydration.  It is another great snack food to keep handy in between meals.  It is about ten thousand times better than reaching for a bag of chips or some other snack food.

Pinto Beans

Many low carbohydrate diets use pinto beans to replace bread or white rice.  Refried beans are made from the pinto bean and are simply delicious.  They are good because they provide the mass you sometimes need to feel full and they are a prime ingredient in many delicious Mexican dishes.  They have a lot of fiber, which absorbs cholesterol in your blood.  A single cup of cooked pinto beans has 15 whole grams of fiber.    When this fiber is in your digestive tract it merges with cholesterol and carries it right out of your body.

That fiber also prevents blood sugar levels from rising too rapidly after a meal, which is key to stopping metabolic slowdown.  They are also full of many other great vitamins to keep your body healthy.  It also prevents digestive tract issues, which can lead to metabolic slowdown.  Studies have shown that pinto bean consumption is tied to massive decreases in heart attack risk.

Pinto beans have large amounts of folate, magnesium and potassium.  These are used by your body in key parts of the metabolic process, including the methylation cycle.  Just getting enough folate massively lowers your risk of heart attack.  The majority of Americans don’t get enough of their recommended daily allowance and this leads to many preventable heart attacks.


We often think of celery as the depressing diet food.  That’s because people go on an all-celery diet and it is the ultimate punishment.  Don’t do that!  There is a reason we have included 20 other amazing miracle foods.  Celery is a component of a fat burning diet, but it can’t do it all on its own.  Celery burns more calories than it contains.  So the more you munch, the more fat disappears. 

Celery is filled with amazing vitamins and minerals that your body needs and are crucial to keeping your metabolism humming along.  They are a great snack food.  Some of us have the habit of chewing throughout the day.  We are just so used to the act of eating all of the time.  Celery is the perfect food to turn to for mindless snacking and empty eating.  If you aren’t really hungry and just need the action of eating, celery is a great option.

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