3 Super Foods That Boost The Human Metabolism


Salmon is the best meat that you can eat.  It’s a great fish for a host of reasons and the ultimate way to kick off our 21 miracle foods.  It is high in healthy protein, which means that you burn up to 30% more energy digesting it.  It is full of healthy fats that keep your metabolism running smoothly.  It is also the king of omega-3.

These factors combined mean that salmon slows down your digestion and prevents food cravings.  This lets you feel full longer.  All while it speeds up your metabolism.

Omega-3 is an important fatty acid.  It’s one of the good fats and is necessary for life in humans.  You can never eat too much salmon, especially if you eat wild instead of the farmed variety.  Salmon is a delicious food and if at first you aren’t a fish eater, that is ok.  Just stick with it for a few weeks and your taste buds will readjust and decide that they think it is delicious.  There are a host of ways to eat salmon, from raw salmon in Japanese sushi all the way to grilling or baking it.  Just avoid breading or frying the salmon as that reverses all of the healthy benefits.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of those foods that show up on nearly every super food list.  That’s because green tea burns calories like no other.  It burned far more calories than it contains because it contains catechins, the most popular of which is EGCG.   This is one of the most popular ingredients in diet pills.  It speeds up metabolism and is a net negative on calorie intake.  Digesting green tea burns more calories than it provides.  It is the staple of many Asian diets and you will notice that all the people who drink green tea all the time are quite skinny.  In Japanese convenience stores you can find dozens of varieties of hot and cold green tea.  There is certainly a way that you can find the green tea that suits you.

As green tea gains in popularity, more recipes are being developed all that time to include this miracle food.  You can use it to turbocharge your morning oatmeal (another miracle food), you can put it into a smoothie, or you can even use it as the key ingredient in home made healthy cookies.  It even goes great on top of fresh, healthy salmon.

If you find drinking regular water all the time boring, then green tea is the best way to add flavor and actually increase the positive effects.

Whole Grains

Not all grains are bad for you.  Whole grains are best if they haven’t been through a factory or and processing facility.  Those facilities strip away the healthiness and turn the grains white.  That’s where the nutritional value disappears.

You should start your day with a healthy bowl of oatmeal.  Make sure that it is whole grain and you are good to go.  It is good for your body because it is so hard to digest.  That means it takes much longer to break down the oatmeal and that means less feelings of hunger.  That hard work burns more calories and keeps your metabolism burning.  It also lowers your cholesterol, which can clog up blood vessels and slow down hormone signals.  The only thing to check is that you don’t have any gluten allergy, as that will mean you won’t get the same benefits.

Brown rice is another healthy whole grain that takes a long time to digest and is great for your body.   It still has the outer layer intact and that is where most of the nutrition and fiber can be find.  It’s more complex than white rice and thus takes longer for your body to digest.  This burns more calories and keeps you feeling full for much longer.  It is slower to release sugar into your bloodstream, so you have a steady supply of energy rather than the spike and crash of white rice.

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