4 Things To Eat For A Faster Flatter Belly

Coconut Oil

For a long time people thought that coconut oil was really unhealthy because it has very high fat content.  We now know that it’s full of healthy fats.  It provides a small metabolic boost and is perfect for adding to your other miracle meals.   All of the fats in coconut oil are called Medium Chain Fatty Acids.  This is a very special kind of fat. 

They don’t get digested in your stomach or intestines.  Instead they are sent straight to the liver and immediately burned as a high-energy source.  The energy that isn’t burned is stored as ketone bodies rather than fat.  These ketone bodies are sent around the body as a mobile food source and can be burned instead of sugar.  This put the body into a special state where it starts burning off additional fats.

A calorie from coconut oil is digested and burned completely different from a regular sweet calorie.  Coconut oil is thermogenic.  That means that when you eat it, your body burns hotter.  It causes your resting energy burn to rise.  This increase in metabolism causes your body to use more fat as an energy source. 

When you are cooking the other wonder foods and you are reaching for the oil, make sure you reach for coconut oil.  It’s the perfect complement to every wonder dish and will keep your metabolism running hot.

There have been many studies of these Medium Chain Fats and all of them show weight loss.  They cause you to burn more calories daily than other oils, you will desire to eat fewer calories and you will feel full longer.  Some interesting studies show that when you are losing weight while eating MFCAs, most of the fat lost will be from the abdomen.  It specifically targets unsightly belly fat.


You might think of cucumbers as a boring food.  They are something that gets added to salads but doesn’t really fit in there.  Or we slice them up and place them over our eyes during beauty treatments.  They have an ANDI score of 50.  That’s because they have such a high amount of water.  You almost drink a cucumber more than eat it.  You want to be sure to mix in high-water foods with your diet to avoid the risk of dehydration.

Most people do not drink enough water daily and this alone causes their bodies to story unsightly fat.  Cucumbers are high in silicon and sulphur.  Those minerals help your metabolism.  An entire cup of sliced cucumber only contains 13 calories.  It’s almost like eating air.  The high water and fiber content are key to healthy digestion.

Best of all cucumbers are full of B vitamins.  These vitamins help your body to fight stress.  Whether you place cucumbers of your eyes or into your belly they will help you to relax.  The less stress you feel the faster your metabolism will run. 


Lemons are full of Vitamin C.  That’s the vitamin that fuels your immune system.  Every time we get sick we turn to Vitamin C to get us better again.  But if you stockpile in advance you won’t get sick nearly as often.

Not many people can handle just eating a whole lemon.  I know I can’t!  Instead add a few slices of lemon to you water.  This will dilute the tartness and make the lemon more manageable.  Lemon is high in potassium so more of the water you drink will actually stay in your system.

Lemons also contain a very special type of fiber called pectin fiber.  This is a powerful antibacterial that is also great for colon health.  It keeps your digestive tract running smoothly.  It also helps to balance calcium and oxygen levels in the liver.  The liver is a key part of the metabolic system.


This isn’t really a food but it still needs to be our +1.  On top of these 21 super foods I can’t recommend drinking water enough.  You should start every day with an ice-cold glass of water.  This is the best way to kick start your metabolism.  You need water for your machine to work and because it is cold your body burns energy warming it up.

Even the slightest hint of dehydration will slow do your metabolism, so you never want to be behind on your water.  This should be the only thing you drink besides green tea.  You can add cucumbers or lemon to your water to make it even better for you.

Many people on diets focus so much on food they fail to pay attention to what they are drinking.  Diet sodas are not good for you.  Almost anything that you add to water lowers its efficiency.  You might be so used to drinking juices or sodas that this transition is the scariest one.  But I promise you; it’s all in your head.  Your taste buds reset every two weeks or so.  If you only drink water for a few weeks, you will soon notice that you suddenly crave water.  Your body needs pure water to run.  Your body is at least fifty percent water. The more water you put into your system the better. 

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