Sweet & Sour Fruits That Are Great For Weight Loss


Blackberries are so good for you.  They have high water content, so you feel full right away.  They are also rich in nutrients and fiber.  They take longer to digest than many other fruits and keep you feeling full for a long time.  They are full of antioxidants, which combat against free radicals in the body.  All that science just means that blackberries know how to fight against cancer.

Blackberries accelerate your metabolism by getting fat cells to release hormones that lower blood sugar and decrease inflammation.  They prevent blood vessel damage and help you maintain good blood sugar control.  They directly fight against diabetes and its many side effects, such as blindness.

Blackberries decrease cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, increase blood flow, enhance capillary strength and fight oxidative stress.  All of that helps to keep your body running more efficiently.  Circulation is the key to weight loss and good health.  You want your hormone signals to easily reach all of your cells.  When signals get blocked by clogged and dirty blood vessels, they go into hibernation mode.  That’s when all the cells that don’t know what to do default into turning energy into fat cells.

Blackberries stop that from happening.


My wife and I could write an entire book on the benefits of cinnamon alone.  Cinnamon has its own super power.  It can mimic the activity of insulin in the body.  Insulin is the master of regulating blood sugar levels.  If you are diabetic then adding cinnamon to your diet will do wonders.  It actually lowers overall sugar levels in the blood.  When your blood sugar gets too high your body responds by storing it as fat.  Cinnamon stops this process and keeps your body burning the sugar as fuel instead of storing it.

Cinnamon also alters how your body metabolizes carbohydrates.  It allows your body to more efficiently store this carbs without turning them into excess fat.  Eating it has an effect similar to hot peppers as it speeds up you metabolism.  It also lowers the bad cholesterol in your bloodstream.   Cinnamon likes to specifically target belly fat.  This is where many people struggle and it even targets the internal fat that wraps around your organs.  This is the most dangerous type of fat.

Cinnamon slows down the process of moving food into your stomach and keeps you from feeling hungry.  It activates the sweet-sensing taste buds and can help alleviate cravings for sugary foods.  Those cravings are what cause many diets to fail, so cinnamon can be a real lifesaver.

Cider Vinegar

Cider vinegar is an old staple and it has been a fat loss cure for so long for a reason.  It works.  It specifically affects the rate at which glucose enters your blood.  By slowing down that process it turns the normal peaks and valleys of sugar rushes and crashes into a smooth and steady supply of energy.

It doesn’t actually reduce glucose it simply slows it down.  Don’t use it as an excuse to eat something sugary, as that extra sugar will still eventually make it into your body.  But remember, when you have a sugar spike your body responds by turning it into fat, so preventing those spikes goes a long way to keeping your body trim and slender.

Cider vinegar slows down how fast the stomach empties.  This means that anything else you eat at the same time takes a lot longer to digest.  All the nutrients and energy get put into your body much more slowly.  Also, you feel full for a lot longer because your stomach actually is full for a lot longer.

It also works as an appetite suppressant. It blocks those hungry cravings before they hit your brain.  Just drink 1-2 teaspoons before every meal and you will start to notice how powerful this particular miracle food is!  You want to be sure that you choose a high quality organic, unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar for maximum benefit.

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