The Best Metabolism Burning Vegetables

Hot Peppers

Hot peppers are spicy and that spiciness forces your body to burn more calories.  The key ingredient is called capsaicin and it’s also in a lot of hot sauces.  These hot peppers actually heat up your entire body when you ingest them.  That heating up burns more calories.  The more cayenne pepper and hot sauce you add to your foods the more you will sweat off the pounds.

There have been extensive studies on the effects of hot peppers and all of them confirm that your body heats up and your metabolism speeds up.  There are several peppers to try from.  Basically the hotter the better.  Habanero peppers are one of the strongest out there and if you can handle that much kick they burn off the most calories.  Right below that is Cayenne, which is used in a lot of hot sauces.  Jalapeño peppers are another favorite.  Like all hot peppers they are a negative calorie food.  They burn more calories than they give you.

You can use any hot peppers as a spice and add a little bit to each meal.  This will keep your metabolism running in high gear throughout the day.


Popeye was right.  Spinach is great for you.  It’s another negative calorie food but it’s also chock full of vitamin goodness.  It has a score of 707 on the ANDI scale, which is very good.  There are only a few foods that rank higher.  It has a lot of Vitamin B, which is great for metabolism.  It’s also good for muscle building and recovery.  That makes it the perfect accompaniment to our short workout videos.

You will grow more lean muscle when you eat spinach, which leads to burning more calories throughout the day. It’s also loaded with Vitamin C, which strengthens your immune system.  One of the big causes of metabolic slowdown is stress and illness is definitely a stress. The stronger your immune system the better.  Spinach protects you from osteoporosis, heart disease, cancers, arthritis and even mental stress.  It truly is a wonder food.

It can improve cognition and motor skills.  If you feel groggy without a cup of toxic coffee, adding spinach to your diet will repair that damage and help you kick start your day full of energy and excitement. 


Broccoli is another food that is great for your body.  It lowers cancer risk and directly fights to prevent type II diabetes.  Eating broccoli improves metabolism and lowers the levels of fatty acids in the bloodstream.  It fights against inflammation and it has antioxidants that help the metabolic system run smoothly.

It has an ANDI score of 376 because it is full of vitamins and minerals.  Broccoli directly provides the liver with nutrients that it needs to efficiently metabolize fat.  Low in carbohydrates and high in fat, this is a food that your body digests slowly.  You will feel full longer and you are eating fewer calories.  It is easier to control your diet when you don’t feel hungry all the time.

Broccoli is a food that can retune a broken metabolism.  It’s one of the best foods for healing damage caused by years of eating the wrong foods.  Broccoli contains the mineral chromium.  This is one of the minerals that is key to keeping your blood sugar levels even throughout the day.  This reduces hunger and cravings.  Cooking broccoli is better than eating it raw, as raw broccoli can cause thyroid problems to worsen.  As long as it is cooked, broccoli is a miracle food.

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