Why Chicken, Turkey & Almonds Are Great For A Leaner Body


If you eat chicken the right way it’s a true miracle food.  That means no skin and not fried.  Chicken nuggets, breaded chicken and fried chicken all remove the health benefits.  Adding oils or breads to any food makes it unhealthy.

Stick to the lean cut of the chicken, such as the breast to get the maximum health benefit.  You need a diet high in protein so that you always feel full and that your metabolism is working hard.  Chicken is high in protein so it takes a long time for your body to digest.  It’s full of the right kind of energy that your body will burn instead of turning into fat. 

You can easily make chicken the main meat in your diet and keep your metabolism firing hot.  The lean protein takes so much energy to digest that your body burns off excess fat during this process.  

If you are going to have meat as your protein source, then lean meats like chicken are absolutely essential.  Chicken will work in dishes with all of our other miracle foods so it makes a great base for every single meal of the day.

Make sure that the chicken was grown free range and organically.  You don’t want a slaughterhouse chicken as those are often pumped full of toxins and antibiotics and other dangerous hormones.


If you want to mix it up, turkey is another miracle food.  It tastes delicious and is overloaded with protein. You want a diet with a lot of protein so that your digestive tract is always working.  Turkey will nourish your muscles and provide them with the nutrients they need to grow.  The more lean muscle mass you have, the faster you will burn off any excess fat. 

This causes your metabolism to run even faster.  The main thing about turkey is that it needs to be fresh.  You want to think turkey breast, not slices of turkey from the deli counter.  That deli meat is meant to last a long time so it’s loaded up with nitrates and preservatives that aren’t good for you.  Anytime chemicals are added to food to make it last longer, your metabolism ends up paying the price.

You can find a host of ways to prepare turkey to mix up your diet.  You can make turkey burgers on whole grain buns or even bunless and get a really delicious dish that fires up your metabolism.  Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving and lunch sandwiches, it can be a healthy part of a high metabolism diet.


If you have a nut craving you want to reach for almonds.  Most other nuts are way higher in fat.  They are packed with fiber and the good fats the keep your metabolism happy.  And of course they taste great.  If you need an on-the-go snack then almonds are an easy choice.  They have essential fatty acids that speed up your metabolism as soon as they enter your body.

You don’t want to eat a ton of almonds but a handful here and there are the ideal snack solution.

Almonds have the right kind of fat in them and actually help lower the bad kinds of fat in your body.  This is why they actually help to prevent heart disease.  Almonds also contain goodly amounts of magnesium and potassium. Those are needed to keep you from becoming dehydrated.  One of the main reasons we don’t have enough water in our bodies is low levels of potassium.  Bananas just aren’t enough and they have way too much sugar.  Almonds help regulate sugar levels so you don’t experience after meal sugar spikes which can cause diabetes and other metabolism conditions.

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